Alon Jernigan

Deceased Retired Kalidarian Ranger


There is a mystery surrounding Alon. He’s a retired Kaladarian Ranger but Kaladarian Rangers do not retire. The rumors hold that he was drummed out of the Rangers for some indiscretion and had to become a guard for hire. The Rangers have been silent about his removal from the organization.

While he was in the Rangers he was the leader of the Gryphon Company and when he left Peran Rhys became their new leader. The Gryphon Company’s name speaks for itself. And there is not a bar you can go into where you will not hear the stirring tales of their heroic deeds. It came to a shock to all when Alon retired.

After Alon left he soon became the guard for renowned scholar, Gwenllian Llywelyn. He lived quietly and many forgot him until his untimely death in defense of the manor when it was attacked by marauding orcs.

Alon Jernigan

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