Gwenllian Llywelyn

Matron Lady of the Llywelyn family now deceased... Known as a scholar


Gwenllian Llywelyn was a born into the Llywelyn family and grew up as any young noble child in the Kaladarina household. At the age 15 she was betrothed to a much older man, Sir Warren Meurig. Much to her families dismay she ran off in defiance of her parents wishes with a young lady who was recently hired as a cook, named Angletine. The family caught up to her and were relieved when Sir Meurig was still interested in marrying her.

The marriage lasted 4 years. She became a widow when Sir Meurig died from a wound that festered after a hunting accident. Going against tradition Gwenllian changed her name back to her maiden name and returned to the Llywelyn. She had changed greatly in the four years and had become a scholar. Along with Sir Meurig’s riches (he had no offspring and had entailed it all to her) she returned with a vast collection of learned scrolls and books. Her affluence allowed her to be independent and she resisted all attempts to use her to create another alliance. She eventually bought an out of the way estate, where she installed her library. She only left it in search of rare tomes to add to her collection.

The Lady Matron Gwenllian Llywelyn passed away when her estate was attacking by marauding orcs. She fell to her death from the roof as her home burned.

Gwenllian Llywelyn

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