Group loot

Group Loot


Acquisitions from the time before arriving in the capital of Overlook
5 flasks of Holy Napalm of Ufell

Note purple items are good quality githyanki-made. Strikethrough are removed through other means than sales (barter, gifts, bribes, out of room, etc)

On Losdier

6 longswords
6 chain mails

In Hobgoblin Entry way
3 leather armor sold
3 shields sold
5 short bow sold
100 arrows sold
4 chain mail sold
1 chain mail
1 long sword

4 long sword sold
3 short sword sold

DuBois Crypt
2 short bows sold
20 arrows sold
2 leather armor sold
2 slings sold
4 chain mail sold
4 long sword sold
4 dagger sold
2 short sword sold

Ilian’s Lute (magic item) – given to Nathaniel Nightingale
A shiny blinking letter ‘D’ – taken by Doma when he was bored – a gift for his family

Guard Room
6 chain mail sold
6 daggers sold
6 long swords sold
2 short swords
3 short bows sold
60 arrows sold
2 leather armors sold
A glowing glass orb (a hands free light source) – given to Savelthra

A bag of holding

Money taken: 31 gold, 22 silver

Corpse Eater
4 daggers sold
4 short swords sold
4 leather armors sold
6 chain mails sold
6 long swords sold
6 daggers sold
6 long bows sold
60 arrows sold
scale mail

Spike chain weapon
magic cloak: protection +1
magi dagger: venom
127 Gold pieces, 32 silver pieces

Sinruth’s chest
5 heal potions – 2 to Doma, 2 to Losdier, 1 to Savelthra
3000 gold pieces

To the town where we met
7 chain mail armor = 525 gold

To Duke DeWinter at 1/4 market price
11 leather armor = 27.5 gold
3 shields = 7.5 gold
20 chain mail armor = 375 gold
20 long swords = 75 gold
11 short swords = 27.5 gold
10 short bows = 62.5 gold
240 arrows = 3 gold
20 daggers = 10 gold
2 slings = 5 copper
6 long bows = 75 gold
1 scale mail = 12.5 gold
Total: 1205 gold, 5 silver, 5 copper
Grand total: 4364 gold, 36 silver, 5 copper = 623 gold, 9 silver, 5 copper (x7)

Remaining party gear:
5 holy napalm of Ufell
Ilian’s Lute – Nathaniel
Blinking magic ‘D’ – Doma sent it to his parents
Glowing glass orb – Savelthra
Bag of Holding – Balasar
Cloak of Protection +1 – Unused?
Magic Dagger of Venom – Nathaniel
5 healing potions


After our Arrival in Overlook

Purchases from random vendors and ’Elsa’s Magical Trinkets’:

Potion of Water Breathing for Balazar – 150 gp
Bag of Holding for Losdier (? Or was it Balazar?) – 250 gp (size?)
Heward’s Handy Haversack for Doma – 500 gp


The monastery

23 Battle Axes – list: 10gp ea
51 Javelins – list: 5sp ea
20 Suits of Hide Armor – list: 10gp ea
3 Ring Mails – list: 30gp ea
4 Short Bows
– list: 25gp ea
Dwarven Scale Mail – for Losdier – value unknown (perhaps this should go on the magic item list)

From the caves beneath:
Titan-made Maul and Shield – taken by Balasar/Losdir
Magical Gem – provides 9 long rests
Gold-plated mystic key – unknown (apparently wanted by the thieves’ guild in Overlook?)
Dwarven-made Scale Mail – list: 50gp

10 Suits of Hide Armor – list: 10gp ea
12 Battle Axes – list: 10 gp ea
2 Suits of Ring Mail – list: 30 gp ea
1 Warhammer – list: 15 gp
15 Javelins – list: 5 sp

421 gp, 126 sp
At present, much of this is stored in a cave we found near the Free Riders’ Camp


From the fight with the orcs & orog in the tunnels

2 magic crossbow boxes
1 magic cloak from the Free Riders (cloak of Elven Kind). (for Leopold?)returned to Free Riders

267 gp, 23 sp, 200 platinum


Items found during the final fight with the invaders in the water temple and after the siege (tbd)
Most items had to be abandoned. However, we found 600 platinum pieces and claimed one of those communication rings like the Duke gave us.
7 great axes – etched with a fire-based element that allows them to burst into flames when attacking. (one each)
1 great sword (non-magical) – list: 25
Leopold received an ‘amulet of Ufell’ from his vision
Cari received a fancy bow that increases her already-great abilities.

Total since returning to Overlook (divided among 7 people):
Mundane equipment sold for 524 gp (1/2 of list) = 74 gp 8 sp 5 cp each
800 pp 688 gp 149 sp = 1243 gp 2 sp 7 cp each
plus the Duke’s reward of 5000 gp each.
and one great axe with that fire-based element etched in it, apiece.


Adventuring in Overlook

Losdir’s helm turns out to be a powerful artifact, a potent talisman against white dragons.

We found 2 magic(? At least, teleportation)-proof cages. Donated to the Duke.

7 Daggers
6 short swords
6 suits of leather armor
6 slings and 80 bullets
1 suit of chain mail
1 long sword

Total list price: 225.4 – we receive 1/4 market price on sales, for a total of 56 gold, 3 silver, 5 copper
Cash found from the smugglers: 123 gold, 56 silver, 13 copper, 30 platinum, and a diamond worth 300 gold.

Total per Thunder Walker (7): 92 gold, 1 copper

Purchased from Marvin’s Magical Trinkets:
Longsword +1, dragonslayer
2 greater healing potions
8 regular healing potions
5 holy water vials

The diamond is being kept separate as a spell component in case a revivify spell is needed

Grand total to date for each person: 7032gp 19sp 18cp


Rewards from the arena fight in Sharkan’s Mercenary Camp:
7 magic items
20,000 gold (put in party funds)
74,200 gold (from gambling): 10600 gold for each of us.

Purchased: 3 ‘sending’ stones. They work like the telepathy rings, but have a 100 mile range, and require us to speak aloud.


After stealing over 90,000 gold worth of platinum and gems from Sharshan’s treasury, we combined everything in order to buy a couple of big-ticket items and others, leaving everybody with ‘just’ 5518 gold, each. Several items were moved around, as well. The party reserve has been emptied.

In addition to the gold, we purchased a second Manual of Quickness of Action, Horseshoes of the Zephyr, an Ioun Stone of Reserve, a Vorpal Longsword +3, and other personal items I wasn’t able to get down.


Since the group funds were emptied, I’ll try to keep a running total from here on out instead of a list of expenses that would please an accountant. I’ll let each of us keep track of our individual funds.

Bram Ironfell gave us a payment of 20,000 gold to seek his clan’s mine. So far, we have spent 500 of that for supplies for the trip, plus 560 for equipment we will keep, like horses, bedrolls, and so on, and another 1200 for down payments at Marvin’s Marvels. Once this is all spent, it will cost the group roughly 10 gold per day for supplies in the desert – but at the moment, we have 17740 gold left. We also used up a lot of healing potions.


The journey to Seline.

Healing potions purchased. We also sold the spoils from the giant fight for 195 gold, but spent 120 on supplies + andorian maps
Nathaniel gained 3000 platinum, but we left 2818 gold as a tip

Healing Potions Remaining: 34 ordinary / 15 greater / 7 superior (each person: 5/2/1, with Doma getting one fewer ordinary and one extra greater healing potion)

Cash remaining: 38297
(There were some additional magic item purchases, but I don’t know the exact numbers – costs will come from the above)

We were offered 10K apiece by the king – it will be available when we get back to our keep.
We also bought a decanter of endless water for 3500 gold (leaving 34797)

There are 2 bags of holding and a +1 longsword at marvins prepaid for by lostir – although they won’t entirely pay for the lost dragon-slaying sword, and the 8 healing potions his god took with him. I think he took one of the Sending Stones, too.

Also spent: 35 gold for gifts for the ship, and 1900 gold for a scroll of true seeing we bought at the shop. Total remaining: 32862 gold


We spent 4000 gold for tattoos of nondetection, traded out a wine collection for 2 basic, one greater, and one superior healing potion, and a total of 500 gold for 6 suits of titan thread clothing that mends itself every midnight as well as being able to look like clothing appropriate to any other culture, some boots that leave the tracks of other humanoids, and a horn of alarms that is only heard by a single person.

At the village being attacked by gnolls, we found just 102 gold on the gnolls. I’m not sure, but I think Bahu might have picked up the boss gnoll’s sword.

Moving on to the gnoll’s (stolen) fortress, we have an extra 4656 gold and 12045 silver. That’s not much – yet. The bulk of their stolen wealth is no doubt near the queen. There’s also a diamond worth 5000 gold (save for resurrections), a cat statue worth 750, a silver chalice worth 3000, a gold dragon comb worth 1500, and a peridot worth 500.

Magical stuff we’ve found so far: Savelthra got a vial of blood tree sap. It’ll probably be useful for something – since it’s demonic, I’m sure her bosses will have something to do with it. There’s also 2 oz. dust of dryness, a set of goggles of the night, 2 healing potions, 5 greater healing potions, 1 fire breath potion, and 1 water breathing potion. At the least, we should parcel out the healing potions.

A magic crystal of magic mouth – sounds like gnolls talking.

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Group loot

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