Nathaniel's Background

Nathaniel’s Background


Nathaniel Nightingale

Bard Extraordinaire of the Glamour College

I was born, the son of Luvianna, a Vardarian dancer. She traveled with a group of ribald entertainers, and she was their premier attraction. Her beauty was unsurpassed. She was also rather adept at sleight of hand. She used to flirt often and viciously with the men, wherever she went. She would depend on the more robust of the men of her troupe to defend her, whenever her efforts netted too strong an interest. Many a Lothario, woke up in a ditch, his purse missing, and maybe his shoes, if he didn’t take no for an answer. She never seemed to learn her lesson, always risking again, for that big score, which always seemed to elude her. That was, until she met Rathfeld Nightingale.

He was a Cynesian Merchant, both rich and handsome. All in the town of Rastfell, knew him to be a kind and wise man, but they say his wisdom abandoned him that day. He was instantly smitten with Luvianna, when he saw her driving the wagon into Rastfell. As was her usual, she was wearing something low cut, and at least 2 sizes too small. It wasn’t the subtle jiggle, of her breasts, or the slight poking of luscious nipples through her blouse that captured him, but the challenging sparkle in her eyes. He was a man lusted after by the towns women, young and old, single and not. He vowed to himself that he must have her, and he was experienced enough to know how to do it. The right amount of interest tempered with ignoring her constantly was his plan to capture her heart, and capture her heart he did.

She tumbled into his bed with an abandon, that she had never thought possible. The affair was not long in duration, however, as she was unwilling to give up the traveling life and he, unable to leave his town life. When she left, a tearful parting, she did not leave empty handed. He had left her with a collection of gems, to keep her in comfort, in her traveling life. . . and also a larger belly. She continued to travel and months later she presented the world an angelic baby boy. She was the envy of all who chanced to meet the beautiful boy, to have such a son.

As he grew, she taught him early on to play instruments, to accompany her as she sang. He learned the subtle and sometimes, not so subtle art of manipulation using his charms. He came to value the camaraderie of the troupe, and he admired how they always had each others backs. He had thought from an early age, that his mother was an unscrupulous con artist, but came to realize that the only men she conned were the vain and selfish. She targeted those that treated others as mere objects for their own pleasure.
He had the opportunity to meet his father, and found him a rather likeable man. Though circumstance kept his mother and father apart, on the occasions that they found themselves near Rastfell, they never failed to spend time with him. It was from both of his parents that he learned to follow the Old Ways and the old Gods. He learned that the troupe that he traveled with, had their origins generations back, as guardians of the Old Ways, through song and story, and spread those songs and stories as entertainment. It was a higher calling than most knew.

He was happiest when they traveled through the forests. Often they traveled into the (Wild Lands? past the border), and he spent a great deal of time exploring the forests on his own. He learned to track animals, and men, and pass silently, barely disturbing the forest floor. It was there he first became acquainted with the fey. As his skills grew, he happened upon several of the small creatures. Shortly, they noticed him, and pestered him mercilessly. He spent a week convinced that he had donkeys ears, and didn’t understand why no one teased him. He practiced his stealthy movement hoping to find them again. They became used to his presence and teased him less. He ended up rescuing a sprite from some bandits that had unwittingly trapped the hapless creature. He pelted them with deer manure and stones, leading them a merry chase, then doubled back and slipped past them to release the sprite. The fey laughed raucously, as he recounted his insults to enrage the bandits.

Life had been pretty carefree for Nathaniel until he lost his mother. She was murdered, strangled, by one of her paramours who happened to be the superior of the most robust of her companions. In his rage, he slaughtered the troupe to the last, only leaving the boy alive because he had disappeared in the woods, as was his wont.

More to come.


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Nathaniel's Background

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