Airships in the World of Andoria

Airships are uncommon in the World of Andoria. There are less than 1,000 Airships in the world; most owned by the Kingdom of Ronn and the Kingdom of Learan.

The rules for Airships are located in the DMG, Page 119.

Ship Cost Propulsion Picture
Standard Airship 65,000 gp Balloon / Propellers airship_standard.jpg
Advanced Airship 85,000 gp Balloon / Propellers Airship1.jpg
Ronn Steamship 125,000 gp Magic / Steam power Airship_ronn.jpg
Learan Airship 120,000 gp Magic Airship.jpg
Elven Airship 150,000 gp Magic elven_airship.jpg
Elemental Airship 125,000 gp Magic Airship_elemental.jpg


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