The Kingdom of Cynnes


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Tres Mes
Tres Mes


Cynnes is one of the oldest of the Great Kingdoms. Cynnes has one of the most advanced cultures in the world. Their art is admired far and wide, and artists flock to the Kingdom seeking wealthy patrons to provide for them. This has given Cynnes a very cosmopolitan perspective (at least in the Major cities) and people of all races and nationalities can be encountered in Cynnes.


The Centerpiece of Cynnesian culture is its extravagant and beautiful art. Art is considered to be of great importance in their society and successful artists are honored and generously paid. This “royal” treatment causes artists to flock to Cynnes from all over the Great Kingdoms.


Painting is the most honored, and most unstable, of the arts. Trends come and go within a few months. Artists who were dinning with the King one month, find themselves without a patron the next. This year, the popular style has moved from bright, cheerful paintings to darker, somber pieces such as Basil Morgonne’s tragic portraits of the peasant’s’ personal lives. His piece, “Le Souper des Paysons” is considered one of the great cultural treasures of Cynnes, and has been hung in the King’s dining hall. Unfortunately Basil’s original intent (to call attention to the Peasant’s’ plight) has been largely lost on the nobility of Cynnes.


Sculpting is the least developed art in Cynnes. Typically Learan masters produce the most important pieces. However, being overlooked has its advantages.

More to come on Sculpture and the arts.

Science and Technology

While Cynnes is not known for its scientific accomplishments, it is quite advanced in certain areas of technology, such as architecture and artillery.

Cynnes has closely studied the Titan made buildings in its lands, and as a result has discovered serveral innovative architectural techniques that would have been lost otherwise. This allows them to design enormous arches, broad domes and high towers beyond the capability of even the Andorians. In addition, their knowledge of civil engineering, irrigation and fountain design is the most advanced in the world.

In the area of Artillery, there is ongoing debate as to whether Cynnes artillery is better than Nu Dorchan artillery. The difference of opinion seems to split about fifty-fifty, for while Nu Dorchan cannons pack a bigger punch, Cynnesian cannons are more accurate. This accuracy, combined with incredible maneuverability of the 6lbs Cynnes horse cannons, makes them a swift and deadly force.

Social Clubs

Social clubs are small groups of people who meet to discuss a specific topic. While this concept is not unique to Cynnes, it is more popular in Cynnes than in any other Kingdom. Typical topics for a club include hobbies, sports, literature, art and music. Since many of its members are nobles, these clubs allow the wealthiest people in the Kingdom to meet other people with ideas and talents who need money to proceed with their goals. A member can have his voice heard at court, just by asking a more influential member to speak in his favor. This creates a web of favors owed that can help the member obtain almost anything without his name ever being mentioned.

As people with a common interest, the members share a sense of brotherhood, much like a secret society. Parties are regularly organized to help all members meet one another. A new member can make surprising connections at such a gathering, possibly earning the favor of a major noble house or a close relative to the king. When a member is in need, however low the club’s hierarchy, he might be, he can expect help from his fellows.

The Dark Wall

The Dark Wall is the border between Cynnes and the Darklands. While the Storm Hammer, The Western Peaks and the Iron Slopes provide a natural defense against the denizens of the Darklands, the Dark Wall was built as a second line of defense.
The Dark Wall is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials. It stretches over 1,000 miles of land and is 50 feet tall at its lowest and well over 100 feet tall at its highest point. Over 4,000 Cynnesian men and woman man the wall.

More on the Dark Wall to come.

Southern Cynnes

The Southern providences of Cynnes are a temperate area and are primarily farms. It is often called “The Bread Basket of Cynnes.”

More on Southern Cynnes to come

Northern Cynnes


Northern Cynnes is colder than the southern providences. Being closer to Kaladar and the cold north, Northern Cynnes sees snow and colder temperatures during the winter.

More to come on Northern Cynnes


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