The following is a general history of the world of Andoria from the creation of the world to major events in history. Only the major world events will be listed here.

Excerpts from the “History of Andoria” by Master Librarian Jeri Lastor of the Great Library in the Kingdom of Andoria.


Most of the information we have about the beginning of time, comes from the Angels of the Three Sisters. The first God was the All-father, known as Pennaeth. Not even the Angels of the Three Sisters know where the All-Father came from, but it was he who created the planes of existence as we know them. He first created the Material Plane and populated it with hundreds of worlds across the night sky. He then created the Elemental Chaos and created the Elemental Lords to rule over it. Last he created the Shadowfell and the Feywild as mirrors to the Material Plane.

In the beginning, the world of Andoria was a lifeless ball of ice. The All-Father came upon the world and breathed life into it. Pennaeth created the Sun, the Moon and the Stars in the night sky. The massive ice began to melt and the world was covered in water.

The All-Father turned to the Elemental Chaos. He spoke with the Great Elemental Lords and invited them to enter the world. He asked them to shape the world as they saw fit. The Elemental Lords accepted and brought their servants into the world. The All- Father then left. Even the Angels of the Three Sisters do not know where he went or what he did while he was gone. The world was left in the hands of the four Elemental Lords.


The four Elemental Lords ruled over the world and began shaping it to their desires. Awyr, the Queen of the Air took to the skies and shaped the clouds and allowed the breath of life to enter the world. The great Lord Baw, Lord of Earth and Stone, began to create the land that would someday become Andoria. The Water Lord Nyfrio took control of the oceans of the world. Finally, the great Fire King, Ufel dug deep into the world and created a great fire in the center; heating the world.

At first the four Elemental Lords worked separately, shaping the world in their own image, but soon they came into conflict. The greatest battle was between Baw and Nyfrio. Nyfrio hated the land masses that tainted his beautiful oceans. The two elemental lords fought back and forth for hundreds of years. Baw increased the size of the earth while Nyfrio created rivers and lakes on Baw’s land.

Ufel, the most powerful of the elemental lords, became annoyed by the constant fighting and pushed fire from the center of the world allowing it to erupt in Baw’s mountains. Fire also erupted within the oceans. Seeing Ufel’s displeasure, Baw and Nyfrio called a truce and the conflicted ended.

The Elemental Lords ruled the world for over a thousand years until the All-Father returned. The All-Father was pleased with what the Elemental Lords had created. He thanked them for their hard work and gifted them with life. In the oceans of Nyfrio, the All-father created fish and other aquatic lifeforms. In the great skies of Awyr he created birds and on the Earth of Baw he created the animals, trees and other plant life. When he was done he turned to the Great Ufel and granted him dominion over the world and the other Elemental Lords. Ufel became King of the Elementals. Once done, the All-Father left the world once more.


The Elemental Lord ruled over Andoria and they were happy with their domain. Not everyone was thrilled with the Elemental’s rule over the world. Caos, the Great Elemental of Chaos was angered that the All-Father did not ask him to help shape the world with his fellow Elemental Lords. Caos was left in the Elemental Chaos, his power diminished by the strength his brothers and sisters gained from Andoria.

Caos’ anger grew, until finally he decided to do something about fellow Elemental Lords. Caos reached out into the Great Beyond. There he found an alien empire; the empire of the Aboleth. The Aboleth controlled a vast empire in the Great Beyond that dwarfed anything ever seen in the universe. They controlled trillions of slaves and inhabited thousands of planets. They were the most powerful force in existence next to the All-Father. Caos knew they would be able to defeat the Elemental Lords. The one disadvantage the Aboleth had is that they cannot enter the Prime Material plane without help.

Coas went to his Great Fire Lord Ufel and presented him with a mystical box. A gift to honor all that Ufel had done to shape the world. Coas bowed down before Ufel, honoring him. Ufel was surprised and pleased with Caos’ kindness. It was not like Caos to be so generous, but Ufel was prideful and took the gift. After Caos left, Ufel placed it in a honored position within his underground kingdom and there it stayed for 100 years.

The Aboleth are a patient, calculating race. They do not invade by force, but instead use cunning and deception. The mystical box sat in Ufel’s kingdom until he had forgotten about it. Then it opened. A small rift was created, linking the Great Beyond with the Prime Material plane. The Aboleth sent a few thousand of their servants through the doorway. The servants were the Illithid, the Githyanki, Aarakocra, and the Kuo-Toa. These races slowly began to infiltrate the world. The Illithid began to take over Ufel’s underground Kingdom. The Githyanki inhabited Baw’s great landmass. The Aarakocra took to the Awry’s skies and The Kuo-Toa, took over Nyfrio’s oceans. After 500 years of this, the Aboleth were finally ready to strike.


The Elemental Lords had become complacent with their stewardship of the world. When the All-Father gifted them with life, they tended to their subject with kindness and care, but after a few thousand years the beasts of the world began to run free. The Elemental Lords stopped tending to the animals, birds and the fish and left them alone. It was this complacency that made it possible for the Aboleth’s servants to go undetected in the world for so long.

When the Aboleth came to the world, the Elemental Lords were caught off guard. The war was fierce and long. The servants of the Elemental Lords fought to defend not only the world, but their Lords from the Invaders. The Illithids and the Githyanki ripped across the world, destroying the Elementals above and below the ground. The Aarakocra ruled the skies quickly and the Koa-Toa took the seas for their masters. In the end the deciding factor was the power of Aboleth magic.

The Aboleth have magic that rivals even the Gods. No one, not even the Angels of The Three Sisters, knows how old or how powerful the Aboleth really are. It was this power that allowed the Aboleth to weaken the Elemental Lords to the point where they could be banished back to the Elemental Chaos. With the Elemental Lords removed from the world, the Aboleth and their servants took over.

The Elemental Lord Caos was angered at the outcome of the war. He wanted his fellow Elemental Lords destroyed, not banished back to the Elemental Chaos. He wanted to rule the Elemental Chaos as the most powerful Elemental Lord, but with the return of his brethren, he was relegated to doing their bidding. He vowed that if he could not rule the Elemental Chaos, he would rule over Andoria. So he bided his time, waiting for an opportunity.


The Aboleth ruled the world for the next 600 years; their servants destroying the beauty that the Elemental Lords created. The Animals, Birds and Fish gifted to the world by the All-Father suffered as they were hunted almost to extinction. The Aboleth built a large city just off the southern coast of what is now Aali-Jinan. There they ruled as their servant took over the remaining land.

After 600 years, the All-Father returned and was surprised at what had happened. He was furious at the destruction caused by the Aboleth. For reasons we do not fully understand the All-Father could not simply destroy the Aboleth. It is suspected by many scholars that the Aboleth were of equal power to the All-Father. The Priests of the Sister’s Church disagree, stating that the All-Father is all powerful. Whichever is true, we know that the All-Father created the Titans to drive the Aboleth from the world.
The All-Father created seven powerful Titans, Erden, Meer, Ather, Knallen, Starke, Abend and Artea. He gifted the Titans with a portion of his essence, allowing them to create just as the All-Father creates. The Titans seeing the vast armies of the Aboleth, created their own armies. They created the four Elder Races to help them in the war. The Elder races included the Elves, the Dwarves, the Phern, and the Dragons.

The Elemental Lords, hungry for revenge, also contributed to the Titan armies. The Banishment Ritual cast by the Aboleth prevented the Elemental Lords for returning or even interacting with the world, but they were able to send their Genie servants to aid in the war.

The war between the Titans and the Aboleth raged for over 200 years. The Aboleth magic was strong, but they did not process the ability of creation. Through the power of creation the Titans were able to create vast armies and slowly drove the Aboleth and their servants form the world. The All-Father closed the doorway between the Prime Material Plane and the Great beyond preventing the Aboleth from ever returning.

Thankful for their leadership in the war, the All-Father granted the Titans domain over the world and left once again.


The Age of the Titans was a glorious one. With the Aboleth defeated and sent back to the Great Beyond, the Titans began to construct a great kingdom that spread across the world. With the power of creation, they created techno-magical items that were more powerful than anything seen before or since. The Great Kingdoms still search for Titan Technology to add to their power. The techno-magic of the Titans can be seen even today in the huge Titan Circles standing in the capital cities of the Great Kingdoms, and in the Sentinel Golems controlled by the Kingdom of Andoria.

The Elder races lived with and helped build the great Titan cities. Records of this time have been lost to us, but we know the names of six Titan cities, none of which have ever been found. The six Titan cities were Dynami, Dianoia, Sofia, Ygeia, Pathos, and Agios. While numerous texts and artifacts have been found that refer to these cities, no one, not even the Andorians, have been able to locate them. Any adventurer able to find one of these cities would find treasures beyond measure.

The Age of the Titans was a relatively peaceful time, according to ancient Elven lore, but there are accounts of battles between the Titans and the remnants of the Aboleth’s servants. The Illithids that failed to escape were driven deep underground where they continued to plot against the Titans. The Kuo-Toa were driven into hiding. Most of the Kuo-Toa fled to the oceans, but a few retreated to secret lairs near the rivers and lakes of the world. The Aarakocra spread across the world, hiding in arid mountain tops. The Titans were able to keep the Aboleth’s servants at bay for centuries, rendering them all but extinct.

Aside from the Great Titan cities on Andoria, the Titans also created vast empires in the Planes. One of the greatest of Titan civilizations was Miran. The Miran rulers were powerful priests, commanding mighty rituals that helped their armies to victory. They even created Miran colonies in the Shadowfell and the Feywild. The empire’s attempt to extend its influence into the Elemental Chaos may have spelled its doom but also allowed its influence to survive to the present day, in the form of the Ninth Bastion.

The technology of the Titans is a strange blend of arcane magic; the touch of the divine and science. The little information we have, tells us that the Titans were able to use their technology to create devices beyond anything seen in the world today. They were able to create large citadels capable of flying through the air, their cities were protected by large steel golems, each with the power of a large army. Their techno-magic allowed them to communicate with each other over great distances and to generate power capable of lighting and heating their homes.

This technology, while grand, is what lead to their downfall. As most information about the Titans, specifics are not readily apparent. In any case, we know that a great plaque was created. This sickness struck the Titans first, then slowly spread to other races and in some cases even spread into the Feywild and the Shadowfell.

The plague is known only as The Shadow Death. In a matter of a few years the plague killed off all of the Titans and over 80% of the other races in the world. The Elder Races were decimated and left to pick up the pieces.

This is not to say that all of the titans are gone from the world. A few may have survived the Shadow Death. A few Titans have been preserved in the Astral Sea after their deaths. Drifting through the starry mists like statues of their former selves, they slumber through eternity, awaiting the divine spark that might reawaken them. One such drifting corpse is Haemnathuun, the Blood Lord, a terrible Titan who fell during a furious assault on the dominions of the Aboleth countless ages ago.


The Age of the Elder Races began after the Shadow Death Plague and the downfall of the Great Titan civilization. Like their masters, the Elder Races were completely decimated by the plague, making it impossible to keep up the civilization that the Titans had created.

A dark age descended upon the world for more than 600 years. The Phern retreated to the forests and it is said that they transformed back into trees to survive the ruin of the world. The elves, at a loss without their great cities, split from each other. The Grugach and Mist elves retreated to the forests where they became wilder as the centuries went by. The Eladrin escaped into the Feywild to avoid the deadly plague; while the Winter Elves retreated to the snow covered mountains. Only the Grey Elves stayed in the great Titan cities. They were able to create shelters to survive but even they lost most of the knowledge they had gained during the Age of Titans. The dwarves retreated to the great mountains and hide deep underground; while the dragons took to the high peaks and deep caves of the mountains.

For hundreds of years the Elder races hide from the world, desperately trying to survive. The Elder Races had grown soft living within the Titan Empire, and were not prepared to survive in the world on their own. Nature became hostile to them and thousands of people died in the harsh environments of the world.

Knowledge and lore was lost during this time. Even the long lived races have very little history during this period. 600 years after the Shadow Death Plague, things changed. Desperate to survive the Grugach and Mist Elves came together to cast a great magical ritual. This ritual was used to commune with the Great nature Spirits of the land. Through this ritual the elves were able to forge pacts between the Elder Races and the Spirits of the World.

These pacts became the basis for what we call the Old Ways. As long as the pacts were fulfilled, the Races would not suffer the harshness of nature. The Elves sent out emissaries to teach all the Elder Races the pacts and slowly the Elder Races began to emerge from their hiding.


The Elder Races thrived under the Pact of the Old Ways. They did not create vast cities or empires like the Titans of the past, instead they remained in their forests and mountains, living as one with nature. This is not to say that their civilizations were primitive or small. The Whitehall Dwarves built a huge kingdom within the Whitehall Mountains, while the Grey elves built large cities out of the Titan ruins. These Kingdoms thrived, but paled against the splendor of the Titan Empire.

1000 years after the Elder races began following the Old Ways, a new group of deities arrived on Andoria. The Three Sisters, Aaliyah, Daphne and Raakel, along with their brother Samuel, came before the leaders of the Elder races. They told the Races that they were the daughters and son of the All-Father and that the Elder Races should bow before them and worship them.

Centuries of following the Old Ways had made the Elder Races skeptical of the gods and they refused to bow down before the Three Sisters. The Elder Race prepared for a backlash from the Three Sisters, but it never came. The Three Sisters explained that the All-Father created the Spirits that the Elder Races made pacts with and the three Sisters and the Brother held dominion over the spirits of Andoria. The Three Sisters told the Elder Races that they would not force anyone to worship them. The Elder Races were surprised and skeptical.

The Three Sisters, seeing that the Elder Races were set in their ways, used the power of creation to form a new race; the Race of Man. At first the Elder Races were intrigued by Man, but found them weak with their short lives. The Elder Races did not anticipate the passion that Humans had burning in their hearts. They did not realize that with such a short life span, Humans had to move quickly and aggressively to build their civilization.

Humans were not the only race created by The Three Sisters and the Brother. They created the Halflings, Gnomes, Tiefling, Aasimar, Mouselings and the Satyrn, but no race grew as fast as humans. Over the next 300 years Humans multiplied and began to spread across Andoria. They worshiped The Three Sisters and the Brother with a devotion no race had ever seen before. Their devotion was rewarded by The Three Sisters. Seeing the benefits of worshiping The Three Sisters and the Brother, the other races began to worship them as well.


During the Age of Man the world and its races were thriving, coming close to recapturing the days of the Great Titan Cities. Humans soon outnumbered all of the other races combined and felt that they had the right to rule over all the races. This worried the other races, but they did not truly believe that the Humans had the power to take over the world. They were wrong.

The Grand King Charles Edmund Payne ruled a southwestern kingdom called Andoria. King Payne believed that he had a divine right to rule over all the land. The Angels will not confirm or deny whether The Three Sister truly backed King Payne’s “right.” The King created the Grand Church of the Eternal Light, which soon became the definitive church worshiping the Three Sisters and the Brother.

King Payne ordered the Church of the Eternal Light to push its influence into the other kingdoms, which it did with amazing efficiency. It helped that almost all of the human tribes and kingdoms already worshiped The Three Sisters and the Brother. Through the Church, King Payne was able to exert great influence over the other Kingdoms.

At the same time, King Payne sent out large expeditions force to discover and bring back powerful Titan artifacts. His expedition forces roamed the land for decades, even exploring some of the inner planes, and were able to discover incredible artifacts that increased the power of Andoria. The two most important discoveries were the Guardian Sentinels and the Titan Gates.

The Guardian Sentinels are large stone or metal golems. Standing well over 15 feet tall, a single Guardian Sentinel is as powerful as an entire army. The Guardian Sentinel, aside for being powerfully strong, have an array of magic abilities that allow them to spread destruction wherever they may go. In the beginning days of the Andoria Empire, there were well over 200 Guardian sentinels. Due to various wars, The Great Cataclysm and the Age of Darkness, there is believed to be less than 20 of these awesome magical devices.

The second most powerful Artifact found by Andoria was the Titan Gates. The large stone circles have a diameter of 40 feet. These Gates allow instantaneous transportation from one Gate to any Gate the user wishes. Over time, there have been smaller gates discovers, some as small as 5 feet in diameter.

When the time was right, King Payne sent his armies and his Guardian Sentinels against the other kingdoms of the world. His conquest was unstoppable and the kingdoms of the world fell before Andoria’s magical might. Within a matter of 10 years, Andoria controled all of the continent.

King Payne installed Grand Dukes to run the various kingdoms of his Empire. These royal lines still exist today. A Titan Gate, 15 in all were placed in the all the capital cities of the conquered kingdoms allowing Andoria to enter the cities as will. The rule of Andoria lasted over 250 years, until the Great Cataclysm.


Andoria ruled the land with an iron fist. The conquered kingdoms followed the rule of Andoria, but secretly dreamed of freedom from the oppressive Empire. At least three major rebellions occurred during the 250 year reign of the Payne Royal Family.
The largest rebellion occurred just 50 years before the Great Cataclysm. The Grand Duke Kurt Amsberg of the Kingdom of Nu Dorcha, built up the largest army seen during the Andorian Rule. Instead of trying to dethrone the Payne family or destroy the Andorian Empire, Grand Duke Amsberg took control of the Nu Dorchain borders and attempted to hold the kingdom. The war between Nu Dorcha and Andoria lasted over 10 years before Andoria was able to break Nu Dorcha’s military and retake the kingdom. The next 40 years was relatively peaceful for Andoria.

The downfall of Andoria did not come from within, instead it started in the heavens. We are not sure what caused the Great Brother to become the Dark Brother. The Angels talk about a great war in the planes. Angel fought Angel, as the Brother fought against his Sisters. The Angels who rallied to the Dark Brother changed, becoming horribly deformed and evil. We call the Dark Brother’s Angels, Demons.

The Angels of the Sisters tell us that the Dark Brother was banished from the planes, but was able to escape to Andoria. His army of demons began to ravage the world. The Great Kingdom of Andoria attempted to fight back against the demonic hordes, but were crushed in almost every battle. As The Dark brother rolled across the land, monsters flocked to his side, increasing his numbers. Slowly the Races of the world were forced east, as the Kingdom of Andoria fell before the might of the Dark Brother’s armies.
The only Kingdom to resist the Dark Brother was the Kingdom of Aali-Jinan, where they used the power of the Elemental Lords to defend their border. Still, even Aali-Jinan suffered terrible casualties defending their border from the demonic hordes. Despite holding out longer than the Great Kingdom of Andoria, it is widely believed by scholars that Aali-Jinan was very close to falling at the end of the Great Cataclysm.

During this time, the six Kingdoms of Andoria were forced back toward the Eastern Coast. The Payne Family retreated back to their ancestral homeland in the southeast, leaving Nu Dorcha, Cynnes, Portego and Kaladar to fight the Demonic Hordes. An unprecedented alliance formed between the human kingdoms and the kingdoms of the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and Dragonborn. The world’s races came together to fight the Dark Brother and his Hordes.

The West grew dark and twisted. Wherever the Dark brother ruled, the world changed; it became saturated with evil, hatred and anger. The Lands taken over by the Dark Brother are now called the Darklands for their evil and twisted landscape. Even during the Modern Age, the Darklands are a dangerous place that few risk entering.

While the races came together, the Payne family retreated to the homeland of Andoria and devoted their efforts to defending their land, letting the rest of the races fight the demonic forces. Andoria set up their remaining Guardian Sentinels on their border instead of assisting the other races. The rest of the Great Kingdoms never forgave Andoria for their cowardice. To this day, the Guardian Sentinels sit on the Andoria border, defending Andoria against any threat. It is widely believed that these Sentinels are the only thing keeping the other Great Kingdoms from exacting revenge on Andoria.

While Andoria hid from the war with the Dark Brother, the rest of the races fought and slowly gave ground. Many Scholars study these battles, as it appears to the beginning of the Dark brother’s downfall. To most scholars it is obvious that the demonic hordes should have destroyed the races, but the power of the Dark brother began to weaken. The Great Kingdoms began to win battles for the first time in the war.

Soon the demonic hordes dropped in numbers as the Great Kingdoms were able to hold out. The Angels talk about a strange bright light that appeared deep within the Darklands. This light did something to the Dark Brother, stopping him from controlling his demons and monsters. It is believed that something frozen the Dark brother, putting him into a stasis of some sort. Without the Dark Brother controlling his army, the Great Kingdoms were able to stop the hordes and rebuild their kingdoms.


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