Kingdom of Protego

The Kingdom of Protego


The Gold Coast

Situated on the central east coast of Andoria, the Kingdom of Protego is surrounded to the north by Kaladar, to the south by Nu Dorcha and to the west by its rival and current enemy Cynnes. Considered by many to have the strongest naval fleet of all the kingdoms, the Protego have taken up the mantle of safeguarding the eastern seas and taxing those wishing to use trade routes through their oceans. A reputation that has garnered them no good will with the nations of the world who wish to deal with the Ronn Gnomes and Isen. There is no finer example of this distaste than with the country of Cynnes, whose use of Ronn designed firearms is well-known.

Protego’s problems do not end with its conflict with the Cynnesian people. Within their own land the Kingdom of the Gold Dwarves sits stoically in its Gold Mountain capitol of Dul Daern, and has done so for over 1100 years. The two nations do not share a friendly relationship. The Dwarves believe their claim on the mountains is their birthright, and the Kingdom of Protego insists that they pay tribute to their King. Both nations do have embassies, and political agents working towards an agreement, but neither side is willing to make any concessions and such the in-fighting continues.

Near the Kingdom’s southern border exists a small nation of Grugach Elves. The nation of Melda-Mar has only existed for the last 50 years, and the Protego have taken offense that they would claim land rightfully owned by the King, and the Duchy of Gijon. Since the Elves are content with their relationship with the Gold Dwarves, they have stayed mostly within their own borders, and only strike when someone is foolish enough to threaten their lands.

Their biggest conflict takes place in the west of their Kingdom along the border with Cynnes. A fight that is going nowhere since neither side is fully willing to commit to it. The Cynnes have the Dark Lands to contend with, and so the majority of their military might defends against that enemy, and the Eastern coastal cities of Protego, Capitol included, do not see the need to extend itself beyond the constant supply lines they offer to their front. This leaves the Duchies of Vigo, and Trujillo to orchestrate the majority of the fighting first hand. The Duchy of Murcia has seen little incursion due to the mountains that separate the two kingdom’s borders.

The largest skirmishes take place along the north eastern most point of Cynnes where a small strip of land exists that connects Cynnes with the nation of Kaladar. An effort meant to cut off direct trade with the two nations. An effort that the Kaladarians are watching carefully. Any fighting that has spilled on to Kaladarian land has been met with swift reprisal by unseen Ranger forces. If the skirmishing wasn’t bad enough the Darklands borders the west of this region, and has more than once been the scene of grizzly three way confrontation.


More to Come



Faith is very different in the lands of the Protegean people. The vast majority of people worship the Three Sisters, and the High Temple to them is no small architectural feat. It glimmers of gold and silver as the centerpiece of the Holy City of Hermanas. Sitting as the head of the Church are three High Clerics; a position only held by women.Each one devoted to a different sister, and individually are leaders of their own branches, but together they make up the Censurate.

While the sisters dominate the populace, the elemental lords of both Air and Water hold very dear places among the sailors and seafaring men of the lands. It is not uncommon for vigils to be held aboard ships to honor them for safe seas and a strong head winds. These smaller sects tend to be kept quiet among crew members because anything other than total devotion to the Three Sisters is often seen as sacrilege.

The Game

The nation of Protego is a nation divided, and there are three strong and very powerful factions constantly vying for power. The Arch Duke Gaspar de Lioness is seen as a weak monarch. He is born of Cynnes blood, and ushered into power by virtue of marriage. His hopes for peace with the Cynnesian people gives him the appearance of a sympathizer, but even a lord must bow to the powers that be. Opposing him are the thirteen Merchant Princes of the Merchant Guild Houses. A group of powerful men and women who seek only to earn profits off the goods they peddle. They are considered the true leaders of Protego in all but title, but even they must kneel before the Arch Duke. Finally we come to the Censurate. The most holy hold sway over all things that happen within the land. These three factions make up the grand players of the game. A deadly tryst of political warfare and espionage. The daily jockeying of power within the Duke’s court, on the high seas and among the devout are world renown.


The Protegean people hold their duties as the most important thing to them. A man could be charged with cleaning the stables every day at three, and every day at three he would be there performing his assigned task. No man, nor woman shirks their duties because doing so would shine poorly on one’s good family name. Men and women perform very different duties in the lands of Protego. Men are often seen traveling, sailing or soldiering. They perform day to day tasks that require immediate attention including cooking, tailoring, hunting and the like. Women hold more educated roles as shipwrights, engineers, scholars and smiths.

While it is not unheard of that one sex or the other can be see holding roles outside of the normal. It is very uncommon to see a man who is highly educated or a woman who plows the fields. Two absolutes exists among the sexes. Women do not serve in the military or on board ships, as it is believed this to be below them, and men can never be one of the three Censurate as dictated by virtue of The Three Sisters being women.


The people of Protego are divided into three strict castes. The aristocracy or nobility, whether by birth, inheritance or royal decree leads from high a top their gilded halls. The citizens make up the majority of the population and do almost all of the work. They can range from land owners all the way down to simple beggars. The third, and by far, the most unique caste is that of the Censured. A member of the Censured caste is either there by choice or as punishment.

The Censured live a life outside the realm of recognized people. They are not considered citizens, and have very few rights. While they are not truly slaves, they can be considered indentured servants. In many circles it is called forced community labor, and often times it is used as punishment for lesser crimes. Typically the Censured are assigned by magistrates to nobles or wealthy citizens for a term based on the severity of their crimes. One can also willingly join the Censured caste, as is the way of the new Acolytes of the Three Sisters. In order to prove their devotion they spend time among the Censured doing tasks assigned by their temple for the locals within their temple’s domain. In fact, the name Censured came about because of this purpose.


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Kingdom of Protego

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