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Andoria is a diverse place with numerous people and cultures. This section includes information about the PC group as well as the racial, and cultural make up of Andoria. This section talks about the People of Andoria as well as the creatures that inhabit the land.

The Group Journals Gods Races
Organizations Creatures NPC Races NPCs List
Satyrn Culture Group loot Group Magic Items Outsiders



Andoria is home to a variety of cultures, governments and societies. This section details the various kingdoms, cities and towns of Andoria.

The Dark Lands Andoria Cynnes Isen
Aali-Jinan Kaladar Learan Nu Dorcha
Protego Dragonborn lands Dwarven kingdoms Elven Kingdoms
Ronn The Planes Churches Pilgrimage Sites



The Dungeons and Dragons has a lot of rules. This section explains some of the rules players will need to be familiar with. It also explains rules changes for this specific campaign and tracks campaign related items, such as equipment and experience.

Handouts History Historic Events House Rules
Herbs and Plants Languages Legends New Base Classes
New Equipment New Feats New Spells New Invocations
Special Materials Rewards Crafting Rules New Subclasses
New Domains Time in Andoria Airships


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