Saveltra Session 19

This has been a fine day, if we can call it day within the shadow-fell. When we walked through town Losdir was knocked back by an orc. This worried me a bit due to the damage getting into a fight could cause for us. Immediately after, what I assume to be their shaman, or mage, or whatever they may have been, identified that we had several artifacts. The orc who bumped into Losdir, whom I now know is their leader, thereafter changed his demeanor. He explained to us the basics of the arena and where to go to get oriented. He made us a deal, although not as good as we could get, to manage our bets. He would split them 50-50 with us, and urged us to challenge level three. The others seemed to trust him, so I decided to follow their judgement. I still dislike the idea of getting along with these people, even if it is to scout and we are lying to them.

After that encounter we made our way to the manager of all the mercenaries. We had the rules explained to us, and how to enter the arena. Before entering the administration building, I thought I saw someone I recognized, however I was unable to find them. We also found out that this year only 15 people had challenged level 3, and of those 15 only 10 survived. I guess now though those numbers have increased by one.

We ended up going to the tavern next. We got some information from a friendly seeming half-giant. He recommended us to only challenge tier 1 in the arena. I would have paid to see the look on his face. I can just imagine it, after we told him the strongest thing we fought was an orc chieftain.

Here is where the trouble starts, I saw an old classmate. Isabella Annamarie. Last I remember she was a devout follower of the church, studying the same school of magic as I do. She currently has two guns, and seems to be at a level on par with me, she has runes, but I don’t know how strong she is exactly. At this point, she knows that I am here, I don’t think there is anyone in this camp who doesn’t know the name of the “Butcher’s Blades” and especially Fois Gras(why did Losdir chose that as his name of all things). I hope that she is not with the inquisition, or if she is still loyal and undercover as we are, is not stupid enough to reveal either one of us. I have to figure a way out to discover if she is undercover without revealing that I am undercover. It would be bad if I did. This also lead me to a thought, the letter the Inquisition gave me to hunt Leopold did not include a description of him. It just said that he was dangerous and would attack me. Depending on how we do this it may work well, I could send them a message that I have had no luck in finding him, that the trail died. And in that give an update that the cleric that I have been traveling with has been spoken to directly by ufel, and has been blessed by him. This could convince them to back off a little bit. As well as to provide some leeway, however it hinges on them letting me abandon a job, and that they do not know that Leopold is the one who is in the party, although their discovery of this later may be done dependent on how much room they give.

Finally, the most important event of the day, our arena fight. We fought one of Shar-shan’s hybrid monsters. This time it was a shadow-white dragon. The first breath weapon had me thinking that we were going to die. But luckily the sword that fois gras bought actually worked for it’s intended purpose, and allowed him to do large amounts of damage to the dragon. I am also impressed with my spell, it can actually push such a large creature. In addition, even though my bullets did not seem to do a great amount of damage to the shadow based creature, I did seem to be able to do quite a large amount of damage compared to my usual. By the end of the fight, we had the crowd on the edge of their seat, and made quite a name for ourselves, from totally unknown to defeating a tier 3 arena challenge in a day. We also happened to have quite a large sum of money invested in our victory.

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Saveltra Session 19

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